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First Line Hydraulic

About Us

First Line Hydraulic

First Line Hydraulics Sdn Bhd. Is established in year 2000, providing ONE STOP Hydraulic Services.
Specialized in consultation & designing, installation & adjustment, servicing & repairing through diagnostic troubleshooting of hydraulic systems & components.

Impactful Lifestyle Brand Award 2019

In 2019, FL Hydraulics has been awarded for impactful lifestyle brand Award by Deputy chief minister of Sarawak, Douglas Uggah Embas; embarking its name after 20 years of providing in sales & services of Hydraulics Major.

ISO Certification

Selected staffs of First Line Hydraulics are attending ISO Certification Courses on June 2019 conducted by Guardian Independent Certification. Since ISO is being achieved, providing quality products & services is our top priority.

We can meet all the hydraulic requirements from various industrials:


  • Design, fabrication and installation of Power Pack System.
  • Trouble - shooting, servicing and maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.

Quarry & Construction

  • Servicing hydraulic system of mobile equipment inclusive of Excavator, Road Compactor, Paver, Concrete Mixer Truck, Crane, etc.
  • Conversion of oil model and obsolete hydraulic pump or motor to current existence model.
  • Repair/Adjust the pressure test for hydraulic pumps and motors.
  • Repair and Rebuild hydraulic cylinder.


  • Provide experienced and qualified personnel to conduct trouble - shooting and servicing of winches, cranes and power system, etc.
  • Complete installation and renewal of hydraulic piping inclusive of flushing pressure test to IMCO standard.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of winches, valve actuator and power pack system.


  • Repair all source of hydraulic components such as Hydraulic Main Pump & Pilot System, Valve Bank, Travel Motor and Swing Motor & Swivel Joint.
  • Check/Rebuild any worn out parts.

Earth Moving

  • Troubleshooting, servicing & maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.
  • Repair & rebuild hydraulic cylinder / any worn out parts.

Heavy Material Handling

  • Repair & Rebuild Hydraulic Pump Swivel Joint.
  • Troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.

Our Commitment to Produce A Quality & Efficient Services

Well-trained technicians are both experience & knowledgeable in workshop and field service bob.

Component Exchange Program is available to help both sides in reducing equipment’s down time.

Our sufficient spare parts stock plus with worldwide supplier net can help you to minimize service’s time and cost.

Period updated technical & service data plus with training courses program allowing us to catch up with the latest technology in Hydraulic industry.

Providing you a reliable yet professional service in terms of designing & consultation in hydraulic system, trouble-shooting, installation, commissioning & modification of hydraulic system and testing.

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Connectwell Energy Sdn. Bhd.
Connectwell Energy Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 1447,
Eastwood Valley Industrial Park,
Off Jalan Miri By Pass, Miri,
98000, Sarawak, Miri Malaysia.


First Line Hydraulics Sdn. Bhd.

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